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As one of the leading all-wheel drive systems in the world, BMW has gained a solid reputation among a significant number of drivers in New Zealand. These drivers need an expert who can handle the maintenance and repairs of their vehicle, however, and this is where our BMW service comes in.

From the economical BMW 1 to the versatile BMW X series, our BMW auto technicians in Hamilton handle your vehicle properly. In fact, soon after a new model comes out, we study it immediately and find out how it differs from the previous models. As such, we can provide an accurate diagnosis for your BMW repairs and maintenance issues.

Specialised Car Servicing for BMW

Servicing is a preventative measure that makes sure you’ll drive safely without experiencing breakdowns. If you think you need a BMW service, then feel free to drive to our workshop in Hamilton. Our technicians will perform a thorough inspection to check the following:

  • Engine, transmission and battery levels
  • Power steering, suspension and shock absorbers
  • Brakes, tyres and clutch
  • Oil quality, fuel economy and emission
  • Air conditioning
  • Radiator and radiator flush
  • Exhaust and mufflers
  • Timing belt, also known as timing chain or cam belt

At Greg Hantz Autos, we commit ourselves to provide you with professional services that deliver first-class care for your BMW vehicles. Talk to our mechanics today by contacting us through phone, fax or e-mail.